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Do You Have Any Real Hobbies?
✎ Afternoons with Ari

Arts & Crafts at Craft Story
✎ Istorya.Net

What’s Inside Craft Story Cebu
✎ Third World Book Nerd

A Look Inside Craft Story Cebu
✎ KeiseeeintheCity

An afternoon of arts and crafts at Craft Story
✎ Sun Star Cebu

An afternoon of arts and crafts at Craft Story
✎ Yahoo Philippines

5 Reasons Why You Should Visit Craft Story
✎ Life on a Flavored Runway

Craft Story Cebu: The Home for Cebuano Artists and Crafters
✎ Off-Duty Mama

Unboxing Manila: Craft Story Cebu
✎ When in Manila

Craft Story Cebu
✎ Ron Does Things

Artsy Finds at Craft Story Cebu
✎ Aldrincore

Craft Story Media Launch
✎ Chennie Montero

#SupportLocalMakers at Craft Story Cebu

Studio Vlog 5: Craft Story Cebu Haul
✎ Missus Nightowl

Meaningful Gifts: Concept Store in Cebu Promotes Local, Creative Goods
✎ Sunstar Cebu